Art of Networking

You’re probably early in your finance career, maybe you’re dreaming about making VP or MD one day. Maybe you just want to crack into the industry. Each year I see some people rise higher and higher and each year and I see some people drop out of the game.

I have been in finance for almost 18 years, that means I have seen hundreds of people succeed, and hundreds that failed to achieve their potential.

I started out in 1999, made MD at 34 at my dream firm. I know just how hard this game is, and what it takes to succeed, and be successful.

But there was something holding me back and I bet there is something holding you back too. That’s why you are reading this.

You probably took advanced classes in High School, went to a great University, and got good grades. But you can’t seem to get the jobs you want, or if you have a job, you aren’t rising as fast as you thought you would. Meanwhile you are seeing all these people who aren’t as smart as you, and definitely don’t work as hard as you succeed and beat you.

Do you know why?

It’s because you are playing the game wrong.

You are being left behind by everyone who has figured out what it takes to make it in finance.

In Finance, the successful ones will just keep getting better and better jobs because of their relationships, their contacts, their network. The ones that fail will never get a break.


Never apply for a Job

I came from an Emerging Market Country, when I got here I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t have a network to start with. Yet over 18 years on Wall Street, the only job I have ever applied for was 18 years ago. I’ve gotten 7 jobs since and all of them found me. Do you know how ?

It’s because of my relationships and network. This is where I want you to get to.

Your relationships are literally one of the most powerful tools at your disposal, yet how many of us have truly mastered them. 


Imagine This

I want you to imagine your life six months from now. If you had a better network and stronger relationships, what would your life look like. How would it be different ? What could you achieve?

Spend five minutes thinking about what would be possible.

I bet you could build a formidable network. Your relationships would be amazing. Then all of a sudden people would be reaching out to you with opportunities rather than you chasing people for jobs. Then you’d start getting promoted faster, your brand at work would get big, and the bonuses even bigger. 

That’s what the right relationships can do for you.


Is this for you?

The course is going to give you the tools and techniques to effectively and successfully develop and maintain new relationships.

This is how it will change your life:

  1. Triple your network in 6 months
  2. Land you interviews for jobs that haven’t even been advertised yet
  3. Get you those jobs over other candidates 
  4. Get your boss to like you more and give you better opportunities
  5. Increase your life and career potential through your relationships
  6. Get people to help you, without seeming desperate
  7. Allow you how to initiate contact and get meetings with people you don’t know
  8. Teach you how to help others, and become valuable in the process

The course covers details like:

  1. The four key mindsets to powerful relationships
  2. Crafting your elevator pitch and how to use it
  3. How to have great conversations, every time
  4. How to add value to even the most important people
  5. The importance of Empathy in Networking
  6. The right questions and the wrong questions to ask
  7. Seeing the people behind every opportunity / every job
  8. How to build your continuous networking platform
  9. Networking mistakes to avoid
  10. How to turn networking into an easy habit to sustain for a lifetime



Because I believe in this course so much I will give you a lifetime 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the change this brings in your life.

You will get lifetime access to my 11-part video course, course summary and weekly homework to guide you to guaranteed success. 

This course is now closed. It will re-open in mid June. To stay informed about the Art of Networking, sign up here.