I help experienced professionals turbo charge their careers.

Over seventeen years I have helped a huge number of associates and Vice Presidents get paid more, get promoted faster and find their dream jobs.

Are you having a hard time managing a career transition ?

Does your boss not give you the respect or autonomy you need ?

Do you want to know the secrets of scaling your network and building your brand ?

Do you want to know how to kick ass in interviews even if you are an introvert ? 


Case Study:
Let me tell you about one of my students, Rachel West. Rachel was 27 when we were introduced. Rachel was working as a senior associate at a boutique investment bank.

Rachel was dissatisfied with her role and thought she should be doing better. She wanted to move to a hedge fund or another bank. We worked together for 6 months.

We reviewed what she enjoyed doing, what her skills were (and how we could grow them), why she wanted to move. We worked through some psychological barriers holding her back. We totally changed her networking and interviewing techniques. We built up her investing skills and how to best convey those skills. Lastly we honed her presenting skills. I then helped her get plugged into critical investing networks and introduced her to a number of contacts.

After 6 months of work, she received a job offer from a NY hedge fund, for $135,000. After that we worked together to grow her network further and improve her social and investment skills.

She’s now on her way to becoming a Partner and Co-PM at her fund. Rachel and I still talk every few months.


I don’t want to inundate you with a hundred one liners – I focus on quality over quantity – so here are two testimonials from recent banking associates to give you an idea.


I highly recommend working with my mentor. He consistently provides feedback that is well thought-out and customized, while pushing me outside of my comfort zone. As an introverted woman in finance, I can tell you that this has been absolutely necessary. In a few sessions, he has already pinpointed a number of my actions, inactions, and attitudes that have held me back from making more progress in my career.

His work experience should speak for itself. This is someone who has climbed the ranks in finance, has seen what works and doesn’t work, and is actually willing to share this insider knowledge.

Stephanie, Family Office Associate, Palo Alto


My mentor has been instrumental not only in helping me redesign my approach to near-term recruiting, but also in changing my perspectives on how to develop a successful long-term career and have a good life out of it. It’s rare to find people at his level of success who are willing to spend a big chunk of their time on mentoring young professionals. He can quickly identify problems and provide concrete solutions and advice based on his experiences.

In addition to his coaching on how to networking and interview, he has great insights on how to become good at investing, which is another area I found very helpful to spend time on with my mentor. I have learned a ton from every session and I am sincerely grateful for it. I would definitely recommend my mentor to anyone who shares the goal of wanting to become a better person professionally.

Henry, Associate, New York


Here’s a snapshot of what we will cover if you are working:
1. What are my strengths and weaknesses ?
2. How do I play to my competitive advantages ?
3. How to I grow my network ?
4. How do I acquire more social capital and develop self-confidence ?
5. How do I become more aggressive, charismatic and build more rapport ?
6. How do I become a better presenter ?
7. How do I build my brand and profile ?
8. How do I lock in external offers and negotiate a higher bonus ?
9. How do I become a better banker or hedge fund analyst ?
10. How do I grow my political power inside the firm and become an influencer ?


How you can get started today:
If you want to make a change in your career, you can enquire about availability in the program by emailing me at wilowallstreet@gmail.com. I will contact you within 24 hours to complete a questionnaire on your background and goals.