Art of Networking

How to build powerful connections with VIPs to get one-on-one mentorship, ongoing introductions, and “skip-the-line” access into the private world of unannounced jobs and unrivaled perks.


You’re probably dreaming about making VP or MD one day or maybe you just want to crack into the industry. Each year I see some people rise higher and higher and each year and I see some people drop out of the game.

I have been in finance for 18 years, that means I have seen hundreds of people succeed, and many that failed to achieve their potential.

I started out in 1999, made MD at 34 at my dream firm. I know just how hard this game is, and what it takes to succeed, and be successful.

But there was something holding me back and I bet there is something holding you back too. 

You probably took advanced classes in High School, went to a great University, and got good grades. But you can’t seem to get the jobs you want, or if you have a job, you aren’t rising as fast as you thought you would.

Meanwhile you see all these people who aren’t as smart as you, and definitely don’t work as hard as you succeed and beat you.

It’s because you are playing the game wrong.

You are being left behind by everyone who has figured out what it takes to make it in finance.

The answer is the right relationships.




Imagine This

I want you to imagine your life six months from now.

If you had a better network and stronger relationships, what would your life look like. How would it be different ? What could you achieve?

Spend five minutes thinking about what would be possible.


I bet you could build a formidable network. Your relationships would be amazing. Then all of a sudden people would be reaching out to you with opportunities rather than you chasing people for jobs.

Then you’d start getting promoted faster, your brand at work would get big, and the bonuses even bigger. 

That’s what the right relationships can do for you.

The older we get, the more our success depends on our personal network.

Building a personal network and the right relationship is a SKILL that you can master. 

You don’t need an Ivy League education, or a $100mm startup. You don’t even need 100 people behind you. 

As we get more advanced — in our professional life AND in our personal lives — we encounter more and more complicated scenarios.

Surprisingly, it’s not our technical skills that matter as much. At a certain point, our “soft” skills become more important than our technical skills!

If you’re a senior analyst, you can be the best at Excel. But if you can’t build a relationship with your co-worker in engineering, it doesn’t matter.

Being good is not enough. This is where having powerful allies comes in.

Think about that phrase, “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.” Isn’t it funny that we say that…and then never take the time to actively learn how to build a support network that will look out for us?



Is This For You?

If you just want to tread water, survive and get by, this course isn’t for you.

If you don’t want to be in the top 1% of your profession, this course isn’t for you.


This is how it will change your life:

  1. Triple your network in 6 months
  2. Land you interviews for jobs that haven’t even been advertised yet
  3. Get you those jobs over other candidates 
  4. Get your boss to like you more and give you better opportunities
  5. Increase your life and career potential through your relationships
  6. Get people to help you, without seeming desperate
  7. Allow you how to initiate contact and get meetings with people you don’t know
  8. Teach you how to help others, and become valuable in the process

The course covers details like:

  1. The four key mindsets to powerful relationships
  2. Crafting your elevator pitch and how to use it
  3. How to have great conversations, every time
  4. How to add value to even the most important people
  5. The importance of Empathy in Networking
  6. The right questions and the wrong questions to ask
  7. Seeing the people behind every opportunity / every job
  8. How to build your continuous networking platform
  9. Networking mistakes to avoid
  10. How to turn networking into an easy habit to sustain for a lifetime





If you don’t LOVE the Art of Networking, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

I invite you to use what you learn in the course and see yourself transform. 

All I ask is you watch the results. I’m confident you’ll be impressed.

I built this course over YEARS of watching, observing and learning from the greatest networkers on Wall Street.

This course isn’t just about becoming more influential, connected and powerful (though you can use it to do that).

It’s about truly understanding how to reach out to people in a way that moves them to take action. It’s about behavioral change — my life’s work. And if I can help you get a better job…grow your network…or even get you to have a fun Friday night because your friends RSVP…I consider it a job well done.

So here’s my simple offer: If you don’t LOVE the Art of Networking I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

It’s simple: Join the program and see for yourself.



Here’s what other people like you said about the course:

“I really expected this to be like all the courses I took before, you know the usual Wall Street networking courses…..Well this wasn’t. You have genuinely made me a better human being. I now understand how to be truly valuable to others. Thank you”.

– J.D.  New York

“I think I wasted ten years of my professional life, cause I wasn’t networking properly. This definitely stopped me from making mistakes and stopped me from being needy all the time”.

-T.S. New York

“My mates think I have changed. I literally have more people who want to help me and push me forward”.

– W.Z. London 

“My biggest issue was getting powerful people to help me, mentor me, guide me, hire me. Thanks for helping me figure out how to solve those problems. My friends ask me for advice now !”

– S.P. Hong Kong



Frequently Asked Questions

“Ugh, I hate networking”

Me too. Who wants to go into a room and hand out business cards to randos you don’t even know? It doesn’t feel authentic, and worse, it actually feels dirty.

That’s not how you build a powerful network. Instead of indiscriminately trying to meet people, I’ll help you laser focus on the key people — and build real relationships with them. The kind of relationships where they’ll always be looking out for you, and passing you private opportunities from their expansive networks (just like I did for my intern).

And since I’ve been through it, I’ve included ready-to-use email scripts to reach out to VIPs and conversational roadmaps so you know what to say in every conversation.


“How does the course work?”

Art of Networking is an online, take-at-your-own-pace video course. You’ll always be able to access your material via the course emails or directly through the WILOW site. I also include supplementary materials, including scripts and an ebook.


“Is this course live? What if I live in New Zealand? How long do I have access?”

This is NOT a live presentation. It’s an online video course you can take at your own pace. The course comes with lifetime access so the strategies, tactics, and scripts in this course will always be available to you, ready whenever you need them.


“What if I fall behind?”

Don’t worry — all of my courses come with lifetime access so you can take a break from the material if you’ll be out of town, on vacation, or just get swamped for a few days. Your Art of Networking course will still be here for you when you’re ready.


“Does this work for international students?”

Yes! The principles, strategies and tactics for building your own powerful support network are universal. We’ve had successful student results from around the world.

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