I can help you find and land your dream job in six months, instead of years, even if you don’t know what your dream job is. That is my promise to you.


Do you have these problems ?

  1. Not sure how to stand out in an interview
  2. Don’t have a great network of contacts
  3. You are afraid of falling behind your peers 
  4. You are not sure if you are headed in the right direction
  5. Stuck in a bad job
  6. You lack confidence
  7. You don’t know how to talk to people


What you will achieve after we have worked together:

After we are done working together, you will:

  1. Become a world-class interviewee and communicator
  2. Have excellent presentation skills
  3. You will be more confident and charismatic and be able to command a room
  4. Become a better thinker and investor
  5. Be much more motivated and have greater direction and momentum in your life 
  6. You will get noticed
  7. Know exactly what you are doing wrong
  8. Stop wasting time on dead ends


Why can I help ?

Over seventeen years I have mentored and taught countless graduates how to stand out and get a job on the Street.

I have taught my students the secrets of how to stand out and impress the bankers at each one of their interviews.

Every one of my students has achieved their potential, negotiated higher salaries and have been promoted faster than they imagined.

Not only did I succeed myself coming from nowhere, but I have seventeen years of experience helping my students and clients achieve their goals and dreams. All of them have gone on to achieve the career goals they dreamed of. 


Case Study:
Let me tell you about just one of my students Jack Flynn. Jack was 21 when we were introduced. Jack was graduating from a small college in upstate New York, he had a 3.3 GPA. He definitely wasn’t at a target school and his major was Psychology and English.

Jack decided at the end of his junior year that he wanted to go work at a New York Investment Bank. We initially worked together for 3 months. We reviewed what he enjoyed doing, what he was good at, what his life’s ambitions were, where he wanted to end up. We completely re-wrote his resume, we re-worked his interviewing technique, we built up his finance skills through some very specific books and training. I introduced him to a number of people at NY firms.

In March before he graduated he received at $80k starting salary offer from a New York Investment Bank. After that we kept working together to push him through the ranks faster.

He made associate after 2 years, and then VP in 2.5 years. Jack and I still talk every few months. He’s a few years into being a VP, and wants to make MD in 2017. We’ll work on that too.


I don’t want to inundate you with a hundred one liners – I focus on quality over quantity – so here’s a testimonial from a recent client to give you an idea.

The one-to-one coaching is by far the best thing I have done so far both in terms of career and personal development. Just after two sessions I already feel a lot more confident about myself, and the whole process of finding a job, which I used to find very intimidating, has now turned into quite an enjoyable experience.

This has changed the way I see things in many ways. He offered a new and very different view on my problems and made me realise there was no ground for the majority of the concerns which were holding me back. I am grateful for his patient approach and the constructive criticism he gives me, which has already helped me improve in many different areas, even outside the purely professional ones. He works very closely with me, allowing me to reflect on my own goals and obstacles, and helping me overcome them myself which helps me develop confidence in my own skills as well.

I thoroughly enjoy working with him as he is a very inspiring person who has lots of interesting insider knowledge which would otherwise not be available to me. In less than two weeks I learned more about finance and sector than I did for almost a year of job research by myself. The best part about this experience is that along with being so helpful to me, the sessions are also super exciting and have quickly become the thing I look forward to in my week. By letting me experience the environment of working with hedge funds first hand, he opened my eyes to a whole new area of the industry in which I might be interested. Despite the early stages of the coaching, he has already spotted attributes of my character and potential interests which I never thought I had.

I can definitely see how the things we do are changing my attitude to work and are helping me create a more confident and more competent version of myself.

DD, City University, London


Here’s a snapshot of what we will cover if you are a student:

1. What career should I pursue and why ?
2. What skills should I be acquiring and how ?
3. What is my competitive advantage ?
4. What are my strengths and weaknesses ?
5. How do I break into the career of my choice, and what are the steps forward ?
6. How do I optimize my resume, cover letter & interviewing technique to do that ?
7. How do I fix my interviewing techniques ? 
8. How do I improve my social skills and the ability to network with people ?
9. How can I boost my confidence and gain more charisma ?
10. How do I ace my internship and get a job offer ?
11. How can I differentiate myself versus the competition ?
12. What do employers look for in an intern ?
13. What can I read today ?


The 5 Critical Skills you will Learn:

  1. How to build industry contacts and network your way past gatekeepers – even if you aren’t a natural networker. We will teach you specialized learn-able skills for building the connections you need.
  2. How to market yourself so that overburdened bankers and hedge fund managers take the time to read your emails and take your calls
  3. How to tell your “story” and ace interviews. If you don’t get your “story” right, no interview will go past 5-minutes, and all the networking will be wasted.
  4. How to pick up the knowledge and skills you need for the job you want in the shortest period of time
  5. Understand how Wall Street and markets work and how best to fit in with your skills and strengths

How you can get started today:
Email me today at to start. After you complete your payment below, I will contact you within 24 hours to complete a questionnaire on your background and goals. I will then match you with a mentor. Your mentoring session will be scheduled according to your convenience.

Imagine the advantage you are going to have


I charge $250 / hour.

Some of you might be thinking: I’d like to do this but I can’t afford it or I don’t know if its worth it. That’s ok. I understand. Imagine for a second what your life could look like if you landed your dream job on Wall Street ? Imagine what you would get paid in your first year, in your second year. As a Vice President ? As a Managing Director ?

What would you do to remove the obstacles that stand in your way ? To achieve your dreams. Is that worth your time and effort ? You can work with people who didn’t make it on Wall Street, who didn’t make MD at a bulge bracket firm, or you can work with someone who not only did it himself but has also helped countless others.


I think I need help:
1-session ($250)


Want results now:
2-sessions ($450)


I’m serious about my life:
3-sessions ($600)

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