Best book on Mindfulness I have ever read

Best book on Mindfulness I have ever read

I believe that meditation and mindfulness can make you a better investor by making you more rational, and less reactive. Since I discovered meditation in early 2015, I have become more calm and less prone to snap decisions. It has also let me enjoy each day more, understand more, and generally be happier.

The book that most helped me with this was ‘Wherever you go, there you are‘ by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

The most powerful concepts and exercises for me were:

On a daily basis, as you go about your day notice your breathing. Notice the air going in and out of you. When you notice your breath, it will naturally cause you to slow down and pay attention to what’s happening inside your head. Pay attention to your thought processes.

Accept every moment as it is, accept the reality of what exists right now, do not try to change anything. Do not want anything to be different to what it already is. Once you accept reality, only than can you decide how to act rationally.

See your entire life as a journey, an adventure. You are the hero. How would you react, how would you behave, what would do ?

What is my Job on this planet, with a capital J ? What will not be done, if I don’t do it ?

My notes don’t do justice to the book, and the book will speak differently to you based on your life’s experiences. I highly recommend you read it and benefit from its positive impact on your life.