How to get what you want on Wall Street

How to get what you want on Wall Street

Being liked is probably the most important life skill.

People who are well liked have an easier time getting what they want.

Humans are biased towards people we like whether they are our friends or family, or people we admire.

Your job when you are applying for a job, at a meeting, at an internship, or trying to get a promotion is to be liked and admired.

This all comes to social skills and how you behave. I have built a presentation for you to cover just this:

  1. How to get people to like you
  2. How to act at a networking event
  3. How to call people
  4. How to follow up
  5. How to prepare for a meeting
  6. How to behave in a meeting
  7. How to speak confidently
  8. How to form long lasting relationships
  9. How you can help people more powerful than you
  10. How to be a better sales person
  11. How to be a better negotiator
  12. Tricks and biases to be aware of

You can read it all for free – How to get what you want.

If you want to learn how to Network your way to Wall Street than read this.