2016 Reading List

2016 Reading List

I’m going to share the books I read last year. My goals, like the goals of this blog are to:

  1. Share what I am learning, have learnt and how it’s impacted my life
  2. Make you smarter, happier and richer
  3. Share the joy of learning and value of books

This post will update every time I finish a new book or add a book to my anti-library.



A Guide to the Good Life (William B. Irvine) – what I learnt here

Pebbles of Perception (Laurence Endersen)

The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking (Edward Burger & Michael Starbird)



How to fail at almost everything and still win big (Scott Adams) – what I learnt here

Fooled by Randomness (Nassim Taleb)

Zero to One (Peter Thiel)



Disrupt Yourself (Jay Samit) – what I learnt here

Smart Cuts (Shane Snow)

Anything you want (Derek Sivers)



The Mindful Athlete (George Mumford)

When breath becomes air (Paul Kalanithi)

Being right or making money (Ned Davis)



Market Wizards – Part 1 (Jack Schwager)

Market Wizards – Part 2 (Jack Schwager)

Trend Following (Michael Covel)



Trading for a Living (Alexander Elder)

Technical Analysis of Financial Markets (John Murphy)

Pit Bull (Martin Schwartz)



Show your work (Austin Kleon)

The One Thing (Gary Keller) – what I learnt here

Blackbox Thinking (Matthew Syed) – what I learnt here

The Obstacle is the Way (Ryan Holiday) – what I learnt here



Smarter, Faster, Better (Charles Duhigg) – what I learnt here

Star Principle (Richard Koch)

Charisma Myth (Olivia Fox Cabane) – what I learnt here



Tao of Seneca (Seneca)

The Next Perfect Trade (Alex Gurevich)

Network is your Networth (Porter Gale)



Radical Acceptance (Tara Brach) – what I learnt here

Mindwise (Nicholas Epley)

Ego is the enemy (Ryan Holiday) – what I learnt here



To sell is human (Daniel Pink)

God’s Debris (Scott Adams)

Age of Propaganda (Anthony Pratkanis and Elliot Aronson)



Review all books read in 2016.



The current reading list (a piece of the anti-library to borrow a term from Nassim Taleb):

The Road to Character – David Brooks

The Brain that Changes itself – Norman Dodge

You are the Placebo – Dr Joe Dispenza


Over time I will also be adding books I read in 2015 and earlier – my goal is to read and learn from about 3-4 books a month – or close to 35-50 books a year. That’s the pace I have been going at since I was 25.


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Go ahead and see what you’ve been missing.

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