Wall Street Productivity Hack

Wall Street Productivity Hack

Do you want to be more productive, be more effective and achieve more in your life. Then read Gary Keller’s book. I first heard about The ONE Thing from one of Tim Ferriss’ podcasts, the book was recommended by Charles Poliquin.

For someone like me who’s trying to do everything and anything, and feels that too much is never enough this book was a life changer.

Its central premise is to ask yourself what is the ONE thing I can do now that makes all the other things on my to do list unnecessary or irrelevant.

Here’s what I took away from it:

Start with the end in mind – think about where you want your life to be, one year from now, three years from now.

Think BIG, double what ever you think is possible, than plan backwards from there. What are the steps you need to take to get there. Then take the next step, and keep taking action.

Always ask yourself what is the ONE thing I can do that makes everything else irrelevant or necessary. Do that one thing, and keep doing that one thing to move towards your goal.

Ask that question for every part of your life, whats the ONE thing in my personal life, my job, my spiritual life, my relationships.

If you are doing many things, its because you don’t know what the most important thing is. Stop. Decide what the most important thing is, and than focus on doing just that.

Only have specific goals, general goals get you nowhere. Ask what can I do to double my sales in six months, rather than what can I do to grow my sales. Specific questions lead to specific answers and actions. General questions lead to inaction.

Make it even better by asking bigger questions. Ask your self big and specific questions. What can I do to make $250,000 in 3 years time ?

Put aside blocks of time to accomplish the actions you arrive at. BIG goals need time away from distractions. If you are not going to put in the time, you will not get the rewards.

This was a big change for me, I went from just making to do lists (which are important) to actually scheduling time to do things in my calendar. That made it much more likely that it would actually get it done and it forced me to prioritize things, rather than let my priorities be shifted based on whatever was happening at the time.