Wall Street

London Hedge Fund Boot camp

This intense 3-hour workshop provides a robust overview of life at a hedge fund.

The program starts with defining the role of an analyst at a hedge fund and what is expected of you.

The course will then spend time on how to find hedge fund opportunities, how to improve your chances of success, what separates the average candidates from the best.

Along the way we will also dive into how to be a great analyst and what hedge funds expect from you.

The learning environment is highly interactive and intimate.

The next session is on July 11, 2016 in Mayfair.


Who should take this course:
This course is appropriate for people who want to understand or work in the industry.

What to bring:
Each participant will need the following:

  1. A Calculator
  2. A Notepad


Detailed Syllabus:
Industry Overview:
1. Different roles inside a hedge fund
2. Types of hedge funds
3. What is changing in the hedge fund landscape
4. How to find and interview with hedge funds

Market Opportunities and Risk:
1. Current market structure and opportunities
2. How to think about risk management


Investment Analysis:
1. How, where and when to find ideas
2. How to diligence, analyze and present an idea
3. Where to find your edge in the process


Trading the Portfolio:
1. How to implement and size positions
2. Risk Management 101
3. Portfolio Structure 
4. How to use derivatives an options


This is what recent attendees had to say about the boot camp:

Truly exceeded all my expectations – a wealth of knowledge and experience sets him apart from the rest. For anyone serious about a career in banking or finance I would recommend this. Not only will it give you an advantage technically, but it will make you stand out as a star amongst the thousands of other students competing for the job. Not only did I learn about how to approach the job search but I learnt serious technical knowledge (which no-one else at this age will know) that will set me apart at interviews. I am a lot more confident going into my search because of what I learnt in these 3 hours. Will I be back for more? Of course I will! Do I recommend it to you? Of course – you would be foolish to decline such an offer!

– N. Shah, UK Private Bank

The experience I had at the boot camp was above my expectations. He really went into depth about financial markets, different products and strategies that traders can use in their careers. He gave advice for networking and job applications, showing the steps that we need to take in order to make valuable connections in the finance industry, critical for jobs in the 21st century. The boot camp was intensive and to the point at all times, you will learn a lot of things that you may not have heard of previously, however he simplified and explained all concepts in depth and clearly. I will definitely be attending another boot camp.

– Luca, City University


The Firm:
What I Learnt on Wall Street offers state-of-the-art, financial professional led courses in capital markets, trading and investment for finance professionals. Our mission is to teach the practical skills you need to succeed on Wall Street. We believe that you need to learn from people that have done and massively succeeded at the jobs you want to do.

Location: Mayfair
Date: July 11, 2016
Time: 6 – 9pm
Price: £149